5 Hidden Details In THE SUICIDE SQUAD!

Number 1
During Ratcatcher 2’s introduction, there’s a woman who can be seen in the background with multi-colored shapes on her skin. This is the villain Kaleidoscope, who made her debut in Superboy Vol 2 #36.

Number 2
Peacemaker’s survival is actually proven before it’s confirmed in the post-credit scene. When Waller opens the case to see the squad members, Peacemaker’s label is still lit up like the other members.

Number 3
Lloyd Kaufman makes a cameo appearance in the film as a patron of the bar. While Kaufman is best known for The Toxic Avenger, he worked with Troma Entertainment which gave James Gunn his start.

Number 4
Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in the MCU, makes an appearance in this film as one of the dancing girls at the bar.

Number 5
In the scene where Harley Quinn takes out one of her captors and uses her feet to get the key and release herself, Margot Robbie did it herself instead of using a stunt double.


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