Harley Quinn Becomes A “Good Guy”

Harley Quinn Becomes One Of The “Good Guys” #batman #injustice #shorts #harleyquinn #injustice2

In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase a cutscene where Harley Quinn joins the fight against the regime in Injustice 2 after the death of Joker.

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23 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Becomes A “Good Guy””

  1. Harley hugging Dinah reminded me of that fucking heart wrenching moment in one comic when Harley finds out Dinah’s pregnant and stops fighting her and they just sit down and chill. Then Harley tells the most tragic story about getting pregnant by the Joker and keeping it a secret

    iirc she goes out of town for months, has her kid, adopts the kid out to a safe, normal family, and then returns to the Joker after being missing for months. And the Joker “pretended” he hadn’t even noticed she was gone. The wording might’ve been different but it was such a sad scene and I don’t think Dinah and her fought much after that