How Is Arkham Batman Still Alive?

In this video, Sid reveals how The Arkham Batman is still alive in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League!

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48 thoughts on “How Is Arkham Batman Still Alive?”

  1. I like the idea of Batman being the villain, especially Arkham Batman as he’s an absolute menace. But I agree that I don’t think we should kill him in this game. He’s taken down Harley easily multiple times. I wouldn’t say dead shot is much stronger, if at all stronger than deathstroke, and killer croc is much more menacing and fearsome than that shark dude (already forgot his name). If Batman can take all of them on easily there shouldn’t be any way he gets taken down here. Same could be said for the rest of the Justice league though so I’m hoping they didn’t just make this Arkham Batman for shock value. Dude needs a good ending after all he’s been through.

  2. If Bruce Wayne is dead who did he pass his legacy on to ? because think about this before dying I'm sure Bruce would seek another to carry on fighting against all criminals in Gotham City so I'm curious to know who the new Batman will be .
    or how about this a Batman from another earth gets transported to this world so that other Bruce will continue on here .

  3. I still don’t understand how this game takes place in the Arkham verse. How did deadshot change his skin color?? Why does Harley look so different? Didn’t king shark die in that Arkham movie that was linked to the Arkham verse? And after everything that happens after Arkham knight why is Batman killing people?? Especially cops!! I’m guessing he’s brainwashed or something but still???

  4. The whole point of the game is to kill the justice league, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did kill Batman off. But if they do find another solution where he’s still alive but safely secure, then that would be cool.

  5. They need to stop the multiplayer superhero games it’s clearly not what fans want not every game needs to be online or coop we still need single player games like Arkham knight and Spider-Man ps4 and guardians game

  6. We all gonna get destroyed by Arkham Batman. He’s beaten Harley quinn and Deadshot on multiple occasions. He’s beaten people bigger and stronger than King Shark. And Boomerang is Boomerang, he ain’t making a difference

  7. Honestly part of the reason arkham knight looked so fucking gorgeous was the rain, like shit it was like God was sweating his ass off, seeing Bruce's face wet from the rain really added to the atmosphere

  8. I hope something like Batman dies in the game and someone carries him like when he carried Joker and as they lay him down joker will be next to him as they both died still connected together, plus what will Batman do since the actor is gone unless they do old voice thing