Joker 2 Harley Quinn First Look, New Ghostbusters Cast, Blue Beetle Trailer Update & MORE!!

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0:36 Blue Beetle Trailer Update
2:49 The Exorcist Reboot Update
5:48 New Ghostbusters Cast
8:48 Joker 2 Lady Gaga Harley Quinn First Look


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33 thoughts on “Joker 2 Harley Quinn First Look, New Ghostbusters Cast, Blue Beetle Trailer Update & MORE!!”

  1. I too was entertained by Shazam 2. My dad unfortunately said it was the worst of the DC films he had seen, but he did like the first one. I’ll admit that Shazam 2 isn’t the best, but I didn’t think it was the worst. There were definitely some stuff they could’ve reworked for the story. I definitely want to see more of Shazam in Gunn’s reboot. And I hope Black Adam indeed will be in Shazam 3. And Billy hitting on Wonder Woman in the movie makes me want to see Harley Quinn hit on him since she’s done it in the comics.

  2. I already know that Blue Beetle is going to be a flop because it's an all latino cast and people don't care for George Lopez much, pIus Blue Beetle isn't that popular. i'm very excited about this movie and i'm going to support it in theathers but it's going to do worst than the last DC movie in box office.

  3. Harley quinn in this film will not be a psychiatrist gone mad but a patient along side Arthur inside arkham asylum. Set photos of a burning arkham asylum and a paper with the front page reading "joker has a new love" with a mugshot of Harley quinn with crazy hair have surfaced. So this is definitely a new take on the character. Just like in the first film with joker himself. Just wanted to get that info out there.

  4. i feel like the only reason why blue beetle won’t perform as well as it should bc of George Lopez comments made Against Ralph Barbosa, I never found him to be funny and I think what upsets me that most is that he really has some nerve to speak down on his own community like that.

  5. Not hyped for BB, don't care about Joker 2, the Excorcist had a good modern sequel in the first season of the TV show, but I would like another Ghostbusters if they bring back the kids.

  6. I think besides like green lantern blue beetle's like one of their coolest unique superheroes that they made like there is no other heroes like them because marvel and DC have a lot of CopyCat heroes and I guess you could kind to say blue beetle's like iron Man but if you really know about Blue beetle their ships completely different he gets his power from a scarab and Ironman just a tech genius they really are very unique and I'm super psyched for Blue beetle