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Arkham Knight: Not that kind of pain. Though seemingly an outright psychopath, The Joker proves himself capable of some kind of demented attachment through Harley, and their dynamic is just as nutty as either of them are individually. Bold, dynamic option that’s made to be noticed, our replica Joaquin Phoenix Joker suit is sure to bring out the next Gotham’s crazy clown cosplayer out of you. He even had dreams where Jason clawed his way out of the grave asking, “Why didn’t you save me? Batman didn’t get better. Check them out here, and get ready for Halloween 2020! Little did Batman know   encanto costume  that Joker had planned to get caught and sent back to the asylum by him personally in order to commence the riots, locate the Titan Formula, create his army, and entrap Batman on Arkham Island. Hacking into the asylum’s surveillance systems from his makeshift lair underneath the elevators, Scarecrow watched as Batman returned Joker to Intensive Treatment and met with Commissioner Gordon, dark knight joker costume waiting for the Clown Prince of Crime to commence the riots. Scarecrow injected Batman with even more Fear Toxin, which leads up to another giant Scarecrow hallucination, in which Scarecrow watched as Batman fought his army of skeletons, including two larger ones (actually Joker’s Henchmen, and two Titan Henchmen).

Joker planned to complete the Titan Formula and use it to create an army of monsters under his control to destroy Gotham and finish his battles with Batman, while Crane lusted to create and use an enhanced serum of his fear toxin to break the mind of every Gotham citizen forever and finally expose Batman’s greatest fears. As he grew up, Jonathan’s advanced knowledge parlayed him into a Gotham University professorship and career as a psychiatrist to dedicate himself to helping people rid themselves of their deepest fears. Her training as a psychiatrist gives her a knack for getting into people’s heads. Who would later agree to getting help and regain her sanity. This ultimately exposed the fact to Dr. Young that Crane had not changed at all, but this did not disrupt the villain’s plans in the slightest, as he had learned everything that he needed to from the Titan Project and still had access to his experiments through the help of Joker and his inside agents at the asylum. Catwoman, “I tried to help her but I couldn’t reach her. Batman could not contact her, however, as Barbara’s voice said that the number that he was trying to reach was unavailable, and to hang up.

Batman then briefly took the appearance of his eight-year-old self and heard Jim Gordon and another officer discuss the murder in the background before Gordon himself asked the young Bruce about the criminal. To that end, Young also became intrigued by the chemical compound, Venom, used extensively by the brute, Bane, after she had therapy sessions with the villain when he was temporarily moved to the asylum for treatment. Horrified at this, Dr. Young sent Joker back his ill-gotten money. I don’t like that Joker at all but why WOULDN’T they have something similar? The lads invited me in, I never felt like an outsider. He performed successful experiments on phobic substitution, and was a frequent visitor at Blackgate Penitentiary and later became the head physician of Arkham Asylum where he gave out advertisements on curing phobias and other psychological issues related to the subject. His experiments were a success until his gift of entering a person’s mind turned into a chronic obsession. Batman turned around and exited the room, only to find himself entering exactly the same room. At Superheroes Central we love our heroes, but sometimes there are incredibly iconic villains that deserve their time In the spotlight, and that’s just what we’ve done by bringing you some of the best realistic and authentic Joker costumes for men we could find.

While Leto’s Joker didn’t appear in 2017’s Justice League, which Snyder was forced to leave before completion, Manganiello appears in the end-credits scene, when his sword-wielding assassin joins Lex Luthor to create their own Justice League. Joker however let both go, stating it was a joke all along and Lex had got what he needed. After he was recruited by the Joker for one of his more brutal plans, Crane used the opportunity to perfect an even more lethal dose of his signature fear gas. On the start of his research, Crane developed a thesis that to fight fear, one needed to substitute a fear that is controllable, and less inevitable, so it could replace the patients’ overpowering dreads paralyzing them; for example, he replaced nyctophobia (fear of darkness) with hydrophobophobia (fear of rabies), and later arachnophobia (fear of spiders) with syphilophobia (fear of syphilis). Crane then held up his end and began attacking several, opposing crime bosses and aid in the fight against Carmine Falcone. Not too long after his emergence as the Scarecrow within the criminal underworld, Crane began to work with one of Gotham’s newest crime bosses (actually the player of Arkham Underworld) consolidate power, under the condition that the boss will aid in his plans of luring Batman into a trap to test his fear toxin.

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