Suicide Squad Meet The Joker

Suicide Squad members meet Joker in Injustice 2 #injustice #shorts #harleyquinn #injustice2 #superman #thejoker #dc #theflash #batman #dccomics #justiceleague
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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase funny and sad Injustice 2 dialogue between the Suicide Squad : Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Black Manta, Enchantress meet the Joker.
Game: Injustice 2 (2017)

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49 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Meet The Joker”

  1. Joker is just one of those villain who's so dangerous that him merely mentioning someone's loved ones, even if for legitimate casual small talk, is cause for immediate alarm. Though that seems to be a trait shared by many a Gotham villain.

  2. You knoe…..the worst oart is joker is technically right about thay differently sane line….cause crazy/mad people dont know that theyre crazy….and he acknowledges that he is on a daily basis…..which means he isnt crazy

  3. How Deadshot vs Joker should've happened-

    Joker: "Hey Lawton, how's your daughter?"

    How it actually happened-

    Joker: "Hey Lawton, how's your daughter?"
    Will Smith: "Keep my daughter's name, out you f*cking mouth!"