New set photos reveal Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn costume in upcoming Joker sequel

Get ready for some exciting news about the upcoming movie, “Joker: Folie à Deux”! Lady Gaga has joined the cast and will be playing a spin on the iconic Batman villain Harley Quinn. Recently released set photos give us a first look at Gaga’s costume and makeup, which hint at her character’s identity.

The photos show a crowd scene where Gotham police officers are escorting Gaga’s character into a government building. Protesters are gathered around her, holding signs with messages such as “Free Joker” and “Justice 4 Joker.” Among the crowd are a few extras dressed in colorful wigs and clown masks.

Gaga’s costume, designed by Oscar-nominated Arianne Phillips, combines elements from the comic book source material with the gritty aesthetic of the first “Joker” film. The scarlet jacket and diamond-print blouse suggest that she is indeed playing Harley Quinn, and her clown makeup adds to the speculation.

This highly anticipated sequel to the original “Joker” movie, which earned two Academy Awards, including one for Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Joker, is set to be released in theaters on October 9, 2024. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Lady Gaga’s take on the infamous Harley Quinn in this exciting new film!

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Lady Gaga appears in full Harley Quinn costume for new Joker movie

“Lady Gaga was dressed up as Harley Quinn while filming scenes for the new Joker movie in New York. Although it has not been officially confirmed that she will be playing the character, the photographs clearly show that she is dressed up as the spunky sidekick to the supervillain Joker.”

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Lady Gaga Full Harley Quinn Costume Revealed In Set Photos & Arkham Asylum BURNS! Joker 2 News

Lady Gaga Full Harley Quinn Costume Revealed In Set Photos & Arkham Asylum BURNS! Joker 2 News

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